No pastime is as dear to the heart of the Bahamian as eating. In the islands of The Bahamas, no gathering is ever complete without a meal. It might be fairer to say that the event is often planned around the meal.

If you are a lover of seafood, then feel right at home in The Bahamas. We have a selection of freshly made seafood, to tantilize your taste buds. Conch, our local dish, can be prepared in a miriad of ways. Just like the British are creative with potatoes, so are we with conch. You will find conch fritters, crack conch, conch salad, scorch conch and the list goes on. Lobster, craw fish, gouper fish and grunt is another selection of seafood available. However, if you prefer more traditional foods, European or American cuisine, there are a number of restaurants around the islands that will equally satisfy you. Rest assured that you will enjoy the food wherever you go in The Bahamas and will be coming back for more.

No discussion of eating in The Bahamas would be complete without a mention of 'duff', particularly 'guava duff'. The non Bahamian can hardly understand how a fruit filled, boiled jelly roll/ pudding, served with a butter, sugar egg and rum sauce can excite passion in the human heart.
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