The original inhabitants of The Bahamas were the Lucayan Indians. Since their extermination in the 1400's, the new settlers, made up of Africans, white Europeans and Americans have cultivated the islands, and today, The Bahamas continues to excell in tourism, is an attractive haven for offshore banking and are producers of high numbers of agricultural and fishing goods for exportation.

The culture of The Bahamas can be best described as vibrant, exotic and authentic. The Bahamian people play an important role in the perseverance of our culture, as there is an obvious influence of religion, which affects the daily lives of the Bahamian people. So much so that the church is the determinant factor of many political affairs.

Junkanoo, best described as an explosion of culture is uniquely Bahamian. It is held in the early mornings of Boxing day and New Year's Eve. Locals and tourist alike take part in this local festival which is an expression of everything uniquely Bahamian. From the pulsating sounds of goat skin drums, cowbells and whistles, groups from 1 to 1,000 are judged on best costume, best music, dance and creativity. Bahamians take great pride in this island tradition as planning and preparation is made a year in advance.

Although there are many contributing factors to the Bahamian culture, one thing remains true, Bahamians are proud, confident, friendly people, characteristics which embodies Bahamian culture. We love to travel, but seldom make our homes elsewhere, as we believe, its better in The Bahamas.
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