The birds of The Bahamas are from the US, Cuba and the Caribbean.

The Majority of birds in the Northern Bahamas are of North American origin, while more Caribbean species are found in the south. Although there are more than 200 species of birds in The Bahamas, only a few are endemic to The Bahamas. These include the Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird, the Bahama Swallow and Bahama Yellow Throat. The Bahama Parrot is an endemic sub species closely related to the Cuban parrot and Cayman parrot.

Other birds seen in The Bahamas of interest to birdwatchers are the West Indian Woodpecker, Bahama Mockingbird, Red Legged Thrush, Great Lizard Cuckoo, Loggerhead Kingbird, Black Cowled Oriole and Greater Antillean bullfinch.

The Wild Birds Protection Act is designed to ensure the survival of all bird species throughout the Bahamas. Hunters should obtain a copy of the Act from Government Publications, Nassau Bahamas.

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