Compass PointAugust in The Bahamas is the hotest month of the year and temperatures can sometimes exceed 90.0° F (32.2° C) with lows of 77.0° F (25.0° C). Possibly one of the wettest months in The Bahamas, best referred to as liquid sunshine. If rain does occur it is most likely to be around 1:00pm with short brief showers and least likely around 4:00am.

Things to do: Emancipation day in recognition of the slavery abolition act 1833, is a public holiday in The Bahamas, held every August. There are events throughout the islands of The Bahamas, with a huge celebration in Fox Hill Village, Nassau with a cultural display of music, dance, food and road races.

The Bahamas in August: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
32.0° C 25.0° C 6.7 N.A.