Bimini Island

Bimini Island

Bimini, known as the gateway to The Bahamas, North and South Bimini lie just 40 miles off the coast of Florida. Ernest Hemingway made his home here back in the 1930’s while he went in search of marlin and tuna and it remains a centre for big-game fishing to this day. Hemingway was so moved by his experiences in Bimini that he based a novel here, Islands in the Stream.

Bimini is made up of two main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. North Bimini is the most populated and hosts several fishing tournaments throughout the year. South Bimini is densely populated and was mainly used for farming. Bimini is known for its wild dolphins and they are plentiful on this island. As well as its popularity for fishing, Bimini is fantastic for scuba diving and snorkelling and attracts keen divers from around the world. Thirteen (13) species of sharks have been recorded here. There are also poplular shipwecks in the area, namely the SS Sapona, which ran aground in 1926 due to a hurricane. Bimini is also home to many endemic species, namely the Bimini Boa, the largest of the reptile species on the island.

Bimini continues to attract visitors looking for an idyllic hideaway with small family run resorts, friendly locals and warm hospitality. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Dolphin House, which was built by local artist and native, Ashley Saunders, from sand, tile, marbles, rusted chain, shells, glass fishermen floats, coins, cracked mirrors and the list goes on. Getting to the island is never a problem, with daily scheduled and charter flights as well as sea planes operating from Nassau and the Florida Cays, which is a short 25 minute flight. This  also makes it an ideal two center holiday.

The island is so friendly and few, everyone knows each other by name!