Cat Island

Cat Island

Given its name because of the hordes of wild cats that the English encountered here on arrival in the 1600s. The cats were said to be descendants of their tamer cousins orphaned by the early Spanish colonists in their rush to find the gold of South America. Some may argue that the name was derived by Arthur Catt, the famous British Sea Captain or notorious pirate.

Cat Island boasts miles of rolling hills, jagged cliffs and an incredible 8-mile pink sand beach. At 63m, the islands Mount Alvernia, is the highest point in The Bahamas. The late Father Jerome, a hermit, built a medieval monastery from this limestone cliff atop of Mt. Alvernia, a place he used for meditation with fantastic views of the densely-forested foothills and deserted pink sand beach. Today, this site is a big attraction for couples getting married.

Once one of the most wealthiest colonies in The Bahamas, during the days of the loyalists, the island gained its wealth from the many cotton plantations established during the 1700’s. Today, although none of this wealth exists, there are remnants from the overgrown farm fields and semi-ruined mansions. Cat Islanders today use much of the islands natural resources and farming is a way of life for many of these islanders. Most of the Bahamas’ indigenous music, folklore and myth can be traced back to Cat Island.

Diving is another attraction on this island as the dive centres and dive resorts boasts over 30 years experience. There are thousands of swim-throughs, tunnels and gullies that follow the whole south coast which is a big attraction for keen divers. You can visit the shallow reefs for long bottom time or go over the wall, the experience is unforgettable.