Mayaguana maintains its original indian name. No one lived there until Turks Islanders migrated there in 1812. This island is still unspoilt but boasts some great sailing, several good harbours, fishing, shelling and swimming. Mayaguana has a population of approximately 271 people, covering an area of 285 sq. km (110 sq. miles).

The pace of life on Mayaguana hasn’t changed much since the days of its first settlers. Today, with just 300 inhabitants, the natural beauty remains untouched, and it’s this that draws the more adventurous traveller to this out-of-the-way island.

The least developed of the Bahamian islands, farming, fishing and diving is a way of life on Mayaguana. This island is so remote that the primary form of communciation is by mail boat which services the island once a week for delivery and pick-up. The waters off Mayaguana afford excellent sports fishing. In fact, farming and fishing are the chief occupations of its inhabitants, who live the quieter life of most Out Islanders. Beacuse of its isolation, Mayaguana does not attract many tourists, but it is ideal for visitors who want to get away from it all. Ecotourism is also a common draw, and the Eastern part of the island is known for advanced off-trail bikers. In addition, scuba diving, snorkelling and duck hunting are a popular past time.

The residents of Mayaguana are amongst the friendliest in The Bahamas. Because of its peaceful, tranquil nature, most of the residents never venture from this island, opting instead for the world to come to them. Why wouldn’t you? It’s an island beyond imagination.