Compass Point

March in The Bahamas brings warmer weather, consistent sunshine and cool evenings. As temperatures begin to rise so do the influx of tourists. Hotels see an increase in bookings from our American neighbours during this month and many islands start their festivities, namely the Exuma Regatta and several sailing and fishing tournaments hosted throughout the islands. For those keen divers, you will be sure to see an abundance of sea life including wild dolphins.

Things to do: If visiting the Out Islands of The Bahamas, be sure to hire a sailboat and sail around the cays for a day or two. You will be sure to find miles of deserted beaches, romantic hideaways, fantastic diving, snorkelling, local bars anchored by the beach, sumptuous local cuisine where you can sample a variety of seafood and a Bahamian delicacy, ‘conch’.

The Bahamas in March: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
26.0° C 19.0° C 1.6 N.A.