The Bahamas Participates in the Airline Networking Conference, London

Airline Network Conference

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation recently participated in the AIRLINE Networking Conference in London.

In attendance were Tyrone G. Sawyer, Senior Director – Airlift Development, Ministry of Tourism & Aviation; Faye Cash, General Manager/Senior Analyst – Airlift Development, Ministry of Tourism & Aviation; and Anthony Stuart, Director of Europe at the Bahamas Tourist Office, London.

The AIRLINE Networking Conference is designed to optimize networking by representatives of airlines, tourism destinations, and the airports that they serve.  Executives of airports and destinations have face to face encounters that allow parties to arrange appointments for meetings of 25 minutes duration, or shorter exploratory “hand shake” meetings of 5 – 8 minutes.

At the London conference, the Bahamas Team met with representatives of several airlines from Europe and Latin America that do not presently service The Bahamas.  The team also met with existing airline partners.  The conference provided a cost effective opportunity for the Bahamas Team to meet with several airline partners in one place – avoiding the need to travel to meet with each one individually.

As reported in Tourism Today

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