The Powerboat Adventures


It all starts in Nassau Harbour at 9:00 am in the morning as you board one of PBA’s high-powered boats. The first splash of the anchor and you’ve arrived at Allan’s Cay. Scampering out of the bushes come more than 30 Iguanas, the crew hand out grapes for you to feed them. But don’t get too close, they can chew off your hands. The 3-foot dragon-lizards are living dinosaurs and they’re not shy.

You are then whisked away to Ship Channel Cay for the remainder of the afternoon, a private island hideaway off the Exuma Cays. The crew will cook you a delicious lunch of Nassau Grouper barbecued over a charcoal fire with baguettes, baked potato, salads and fruits.

While the crew are busily preparing your meal, you can watch while the Captain and crew feed the sharks. Then go drift-snorkelling, beautiful enough to please seasoned divers. The underwater videographer captures the thrills while you watch from the safety of the cottage docks. We must not forget the stingrays: you can get up and close to these velvet like creatures and hand feed them.

On the guided walk, you’ll catch a terrific panoramic view of the island and surrounding waters. Besides Bahamian bush medicines, you also see ospreys, egrets, humming birds and perhaps even the shy wild boar. Halfway, you’ll be treated to a ritual dousing at the fresh water well. Then, it’s downhill back to the cottage for lunch. After lunch you can relax or sunbathe on the beach, and then the crew will round you up at 4:00pm for the journey back to Nassau.

Please note that pregnant women or persons with back or neck injuries are not allowed on the adventure.

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