Long Island, Bahamas blue hole attracts global attention “The best in the world”

Locating the perfect freedive spot is a precious find among divers, so the fact that Long Island is home to the world’s deepest known seawater blue hole is yet another unique treasure The Bahamas has to offer its visitors.

Calling it the best freedive spot in the world, 50 world-class divers from 20 countries gathered at Dean’s Blue Hole in Clarence Town, Long Island to compete in the 4th Annual Vertical Blue Invitational.

The event gave unparalleled international exposure to this quiet, immaculate island as free divers from places such as Brazil, Japan, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany and Belgium were followed by media covering the competition, and in some cases, the training activities that took place beforehand. CBS and 60 Minutes were among the media showing interest in Dean’s Blue Hole as well.

William Trubridge, who set two freediving world records at Dean’s Blue Hole, told Tourism Today that Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest in the world.

“It’s 203 meters deep (663 feet), so having that kind of depth so close to the shore and so accessible and in such warm water is a huge thing for free diving, ‘cause that means we don’t have to use boats,” he said. “It makes it safer. There [are] no currents. We’re not at the mercy of the weather with big waves or wind. So for freediving, this is kind of a Mecca. It’s paradise.”

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