Valley Boys Win 2013 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade

The Valley Boys returned as unofficial champions of the 2013 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade with Prime Minister Perry Christie as emperor. Outfitted in a gold robe and traditional moustache, Mr Christie shuffled down Bay Street under the theme “From China to the Bahamas” to entertain thousands at the sold-out festival.

Edging out the Saxon Superstars and One Family by less than five points to snag top overall in the unofficial results, the Valley Boys’ parade also featured an impromptu dance from Chinese ambassador Yuan Guisen.

The Shell Saxon Superstars placed second overall under the theme ‘Taj Mahal: The jewel of India, and One Family placed third with the Bahamian theme ‘Ya born dere, Ya born dere’.

The Valley Boys won all sections, but the Music category, which was taken by One Family with a nine-point lead over their nearest rivals – the Saxons.

The parade faced heavy delays due to weather warnings, and as a result was limited to only two laps. Last night, technical difficulties prevented officials from releasing the unofficial results for the B and D groups.

No group was disqualified from this year’s parade, according to Parade Management Committee Chairman Douglas Hanna, who added that late penalties made a significant impact on the overall results.

The Valley Boys were named as top scorers in their division for Best Overall Performance, Choreographed Dancers, Free Dancers, Banner, Lead Costume, Off-the Shoulder, and Shirley Street.

In the overall category: Valley Boys, 87.93; Saxons, 84.45; One Family, 84.29; Roots, 81.61; Music Makers, 59.21; and Prodigal Sons, 51.74.

In the music category: One Family, 91.8; Saxons, 82.87; Valley Boys, 79.29; Roots, 76.46; Prodigal Sons, 74.77; and Music Makers, 61.43.

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