The Bahamas to Host the IAAF World Relays 2014


The Bahamas will be hosting the IAAF World Relays 2014. The event will be held on the 24th & 25th May at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium and will bring together the best and fastest athletes in the world. To date, more than 40 countries have shown interest in participating in the event. With over 1,000 athletes and coaches set to flock to The Bahamas for the relays and with the world’s top athletes expected to be in action in front of 15,000 spectators each day at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium, demand for tickets is expected to be high. The athletes who will be involved in this event are the fastest in the world. It is expected that most of the sprint and middle distance medalists from the 2012 Olympic Games and the 2013 IAAF World Championships will be present. The Relays will serve as a qualifying competition for the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China (2014 edition) and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015 edition). Junior relay events will be held prior to the IAAF World Relays with athletes from The Bahamas and the Caribbean region competing.

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