Chester’s Highway Inn Bonefish Lodge, Acklins Island

40A3BF35-B0AA-44EC-B25B-E75CF244D1ACEstablished in 2004, Chester’s Highway Inn Bone Fish Lodge consists of four units on a half acre with another 1.5 acres under development. The remoteness of the area and its setting next to some of the best bone fishing grounds anywhere in The Bahamas make this property the ideal location for avid bone fishermen and guests searching for total relaxation.

Air-conditioned rooms are furnished and comfortably sleep four people, while each suite comes with a living/dining area, a microwave, fully stocked refrigerator, ice bucket, snacks, table and chairs for two, rocking chair, queen sofa bed and TV/DVD. Bedrooms include two standard double beds, alarm clock, lamp, bureau/mirror and two night-stands. Bathrooms have a bathtub/shower combo and includes internet access.

Room service is available, but meals are also served at the restaurant, conference area and on the patio. One of the specialties is Julius’ homemade coconut and raisin bread and Arnette’s seafood gumbo, smothered grouper, crawfish salad and conch salad.

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