Eleuthera and Harbour Island


Eleuthera meaning Freedom, was first settled by the Eleutheran Adventures in 1648. The island is under 5 miles wide and 110 miles long with a population of 7,826 people. Eleuthera has some of the most historic and exciting sites in The Bahamas. The glass window bridge to the north of the island offer a fabulous view of the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other. With its magnificent caves, its an attraction for the adventurous. Exuding colonial charm, coral reefs and magnificent colour, Eleuthera continues to explore its ecological wonder.

Stretching for 100 miles across the Geat Bahama Bank, Eleuthera is a land of green hills, brilliant flowers and smiling faces. Derived from the Greek word Eleutheria, meaning freedom or liberty, that’s just what this island offers. Catch a wave at Surfers’ Beach or drive up through the pineapple plantations and old colonial villages.

Harbour Island, ‘a picture perfect postcard’ with its pink sandy beaches, Victorian style villages and bougainvillea draped archways, continues to be popular amongst tourists. The simplicity and unpretentiousness of this island is stunning. The hotels are pretty and few and the service is friendly and reliable. Getting to Eleuthera and Harbour Island is easy and affordable with several flights a day from Nassau and the Florida Cays and a fast ferry service from Nassau to Habour Island. Tourist flock to these islands to enjoy its fabulous beaches, boutique style hotels and historical landmarks and attractions. The Commissioner’s residence on Harbour Island was built in 1913 and displays a fantastic example of loyalists achitecture; St. John’s Anglican Church built in the 1700’s, as well as Castle Street Cemetry with ancient grave stones.

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