New Exhibit At Pompey Museum, Nassau

AAF5C449-8AC6-49CB-9FF7-F019811BA31APompey Museum, built in 1992 and named after Pompey, a heroic slave, who fought against the unfair conditions on the Rolle plantation on Exuma Bahamas, is home to a rich history of Bahamian colonial past and social advancement. The Vendue House, which once stood on the same spot, was originally built in the 1700’s and was a marketplace for the auctioning of slaves until the 1800’s.

On Sunday 12th November, a new exhibit, sponsored by the Templeton World Charity Foundation Ltd, ‘Struggle For Freedom in The Bahamas: From Slavery to Independence’, will showcase at Pompey Museum. The exhibit will comprise of wall-to-wall sailboat displays, graphics and depictions of artefacts dated back to the days of slavery.

The museum suffered two fires in the space of 11 years, but has been restored with the help of international and local contribution.

Earlier exhibits dating as far back as 1648 can be viewed, as well as contemporary issues such as human trafficking and smuggling.

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