Hanging Out In Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

Stunning, idyllic, captivating, tranquil and charming, are just a few adjectives that come to mind when I think of Green Turtle Cay. There is something about this cay that makes time stand still. You just want to kick your shoes off, let your hair down and forget all your worries. I had visited Green Turtle Cay many times before, but one trip that stands out was late summer 2005. I had only given birth to my son two months earlier when my husband and I decided to take an island hopping holiday to The Bahamas. We were excited to introduce our son to his extended family in Nassau, while combining an island getaway in Green Turtle Cay Abaco. It was just the holiday I needed, after what I can only describe as an eventful childbirth.

I was very much looking forward to my stay at Bluff House. I knew that Molly (the hotel Manager) would take very special care of us, as she did all of her guests. Her warmth and personality is always refreshing. As our plane landed at North Eleuthera Airport after a 45-minute transfer from Nassau, I immediately felt a sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the summer filled holidays of my youth. As we entered the very charming but modest terminal, we were greeted by the friendly faces of the locals. Their smiles reassured us of a wonderful time that lied ahead. In no time, we were in our taxi en route to North Eleuthera dock, for our brief 15-minute journey by ferry to Bluff House. Waiting for us with a smile and a cocktail was Molly.

Bluff House sits on a hilltop, with the most amazing panoramic view of the sea. This hotel boasts luxury accommodations and the character of this place is so endearing. The live entertainment by the Gully Rooster band was exciting and fun, as we danced the night away under the stars. You can enjoy lazy afternoons on the resorts quiet beach, or snorkel at the nearby reefs.

Over the next 7 days, we explored the cay in our two-seater golf cart, a preferred means of transportation on the island; an adventure my husband speaks of fondly to this day. Our first stop was Gillam Bay. On a clear day, you can walk for miles in the shallow sea, with the entire beach to yourself. It is truly paradise! Green Turtle Cay is rich in history and the town, New Plymouth, is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas, inhabited by the loyalists in the 1700’s. Quaint and small, it is equipped with all the resources and necessities of a big town. The Albert Lowe Museum is a must-see for an insight into the cay’s colonial history, along with beautifully crafted model ships. Another point of interest is the Memorial Sculpture Garden, which is located in the middle of the town. There are a multitude of eateries and bars to wet your appetite. Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar boasts the best Goombay Smash on the island, a favourite cocktail of the locals! A boaters paradise, this is a perfect place to explore the seas, with deserted islands like Fiddle Cay, to the north and Pelican Cay and No Name Cay to the south.

The choice of water sporting activities are endless. Brendal’s Dive Center, located near Green Turtle Club offers a variety of excursions for groups and individuals. The Lobster picnic is just one of my favourites. We caught our own dish of the day, sailed off to one of the most stunning beaches nearby for swimming and relaxation, while Brendal and his crew prepared a delicious lobster lunch for the guests.

It’s easy to see why Green Turtle Cay is popular among repeat visitors and why many choose this cay for a romantic wedding setting. It inspires you to leave all your inhibitions behind and unwind in the most serene and charming environment.


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