Sharks In The Runway, by Paul Harding

Sharks In The RunwayAuthor, underwater diver/scuba instructor, adventurer and pilot, are just a few of the many job titles that Paul Harding hold in his very exciting life.

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, and later relocating to The Bahamas, Harding became a respected certified scuba instructor and entrepreneur. Eager to pursue his life long passion of flying, he purchased a factory new seaplane without a clue how to fly! He earned his commercial pilot’s licence and started a business – Safari Seaplanes in 1990. A very successful venture, this became the first seaplane business in The Bahamas, spanning a career of 20 years. He has flown people from many walks of life including the Hollywood icon- Johnny Depp.

Now retired, Harding currently resides in The Bahamas, however he still flies for recreation. A freelance writer, he has written for Water Flying Magazine. However, his first published book (by Clink Street Publishing July 13th, 2017 in hardback, paperback and eBook), is a thrilling review of his life as a private pilot to the stars; an adventurer and lover of the seas, he enthralls you with his travels around the world, from Utah, to the Red Sea, but nothing he notes, ‘ever compared to the deep blue waters of The Bahamas’. Harding goes on to write in detail, his struggles in his personal life. Having to endure a long and uncertain legal wait for status, after his father left the family stranded in The Bahamas. From warding off sharks as a professional underwater diver, travelling the world as a photographer and cameraman for the Discovery Channel, The Bahamas became his home. Harding has witnessed some of the Islands most celebrated and prominent moments. From its independence in 1973 to the shocking aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Harding’s memoir describes a personal story, part history, part explorer which captures the essence of a life filled with endless thrills, disappointment and fulfilment. Sharks in the Runway by Paul W.J. Harding is a fleeting ride through a life of travel and adventure. A story of tenacity and ‘guts’, it captivates and inspires the risk-taking globetrotting explorer in you. Available from online retailers including Amazon and selected book stores.

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