Onshore Bahamas – The Travel App for Tourists

A locally developed mobile application for tourists, called “Onshore Bahamas,” is proving a useful tool for both air and sea visitors. The travel App, developed by the all Bahamian OnShore Travel Group, is helping to tempt more cruise ship passengers to step ashore and sample the sights, sounds and dozens of listed activities and retail opportunities when in Nassau, and soon more fully in Freeport and select Family Islands.

Janet Johnson, Director of Business Development for the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, has expressed enthusiasm for the new App. “The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA) is always supportive of beneficial initiatives geared toward our visitors, both by air and sea.  I like that the Onshore Bahamas App is packed with useful information for our guests. As the Director of Business Development for the MOTA, i’m very pleased to see a Bahamian firm develop this App, which is proving a convenient and handy mobile companion for tourists. It has further potential to benefit our retailers, arts and crafts vendors, and tourism-related service providers.”

One of the driving forces for us when we were doing our research was the sight of so many confused looking visitors turning their paper maps up-side down and sideways trying to work out  where they were, where to go and how to get there!” said Carnille Farquhason, VP of the OnShore Travel Group.  “We’ve rescued them from that with our digital Map/GPS local guide and relevant listings! It’s a beautiful App and has deservedly, I think, attracted the attention of the Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC). We’ve been in talks with them for some time and Alphanique Duncombe, Vice President Mobile, has told us they want to use the App in their mobile devices by June this year.”

Updated daily, the “Onshore Bahamas” App acts as a personal guide to facilitate the booking of any of the wide variety of activities listed and to easily locate points of interest, current vendor discounts, banks/ATMs, concerts, art galleries, historical sites, interactive tours and excursions, sporting and cultural events, restaurants and nightlife.  Twenty categories are packed with lists of things to do, where to go and what to see, with the help of the digital online and offline GPS powered map. The App’s listings are free and vendors and service providers can boost their customer appeal by providing “OnShore Exclusive” coupons to attract visitors to them. Residents too will benefit from this mobile guide and can even send in event details for listing consideration via an email address.

While in the development stage, we strived to stay true to the spirit of The Bahamas,” said Ms. Farquhason. “It was important to us that we were authentic and inviting so that users felt compelled to get off the ship and experience what’s caught their fancy. We’ve worked hard to bring the true, true, Bahamas and the excitement of the islands through a Bahamian perspective to fascinate and inspire visitors. Nassau has been our main focus but we do list events for Freeport, and in due course, will have a full range of categories to for Freeport and select Family Islands.”

The Onshore Bahamas App is designed to bring significant savings, in both time and money for users, and does result in a more thorough and enjoyable experience while onshore. On download, users have the language options of English, French or Spanish. The App also provides contact information to book tours, click to call phone numbers or click to go directly to helpful Websites.

Look for the Onshore Bahamas App on Google Play for Android users and the Apple Store for iPhone users.

Reference: Tourism Today

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