One Family Wins 2018 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade

The 2018 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade was an exciting and exhilarating one. With its rhythmic tunes, dynamic costumes, energetic dancers and thrilling beats, the crowds were delightfully entertained. Under the theme “Nursery Rhymes: The Ones We’ll Always Remember”, One Family were announced the winners, scoring a total of  87.55 points.

In the unofficial results, the Valley Boys came second with 85.61 points, Roots third with 85.46, Genesis fourth with 83.07, and Saxons finished fifth with 82.81 points. Music Makers and Prodigal Sons were both disqualified.

A number of Cabinet ministers were present at the parade, including The Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis who paraded with the Saxons Superstars, Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest, who emphatically stated that he was rooting for the Valley Boys, “all the way.” When asked if he was excited to see Dr Minnis rush with the Saxons, Mr Turnquest answered diplomatically. “We’re excited for Junkanoo,” he laughed. “This is a tremendous cultural expression, world-recognised. Certainly it is an exciting production. We’re very excited for all of the groups that come out and put their all on Rawson Square, Bay Street.”

Also present was United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a veteran at the event and who has been celebrating Junkanoo in The Bahamas with her family for the past 15 years. Her husband, Sid Williams, was an ambassador to The Bahamas during the Clinton Administration.

Reference: Bahamas Today

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