Bahamas Carnival 2019

Bahamas Carnival 2019
Photo credit: Bahamas Carnival

In just a few months, the Islands of The Bahamas will come alive with the pulsating sounds of Carnival. This festive event, held from 3-5 May 2019, will draw visitors and locals alike, for a spectacular three day event that integrates the sounds of carnival from around the world with a Bahamian Flavour.

Spectators can expect to be truly entertained, as they will witness an eye-catching display of colourful costumes, rhythmic tones, delectable cuisine and an abundance of Bahamian hospitality.

Bahamas Carnival will take place in the area of Clifford Park, Western Esplanade and Arawak Cay, with the main feature being ‘Road Fever’; a street parade showcasing the vibrant, striking costumes and artistry that embodies the essence of carnival.

For the latest events, dates, ticketing info, please see

Bahamas Today

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