Bahamas Beach Sky Diving Event

Bahamas Sky DivingA group of some sixty (60) licensed skydivers and aviation enthusiasts are at the Old Bahama Bay in Grand Bahama this week for its first Bahama Beach Skydiving Event. The historic event, which features skydivers jumping from parachutes amid 14,000 feet, takes place daily between 10 am and 5 pm, 2-12 February 2018, from the West End International Airport.

Local residents and aviation enthusiasts can watch the exciting parachute jumps, complimentary, from bleachers erected at the Old Bahama Bay Resort.

Organised by Sky’s The Limit, a skydiving company based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, the event is also sanctioned by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA) which organised ground logistics and secured all the necessary permits and approvals, from The Bahamas Civil Aviation, Customs and Immigration departments. Sponsors for the event include Old Bahama Bay Resort, United Parachute Technologies, Vigil, Aerodyne, Great Wolf Lodge, Sun Path and Shooting Star.

According to Jeff Root, CEO and owner of Sky’s The Limit, “all of the skydivers are licensed jumpers and are excited to visit and participate in a sport they love, in such a wonderful location as Grand Bahama Island and Old Bahama Bay Resort. It is our hope that we can make this event in Grand Bahama, an annual one for our aviation members”.

Greg Rolle, pilot and Sr. Director of Sports and Vertical Markets for The Bahamas MOTA said “the organizers of this event jumped full force, no pun intended, into planning and executing this event. This is a prime example of private enterprise working cohesively with the public sector, and we could not have been more excited to work alongside such a reputable and influential body. The economic injection, particularly into the West End community and the added interest generated from its marketing are beneficial to the destination, especially at this crucial period.

For more information on the Bahama Beach Skydiving Event, visit:

C: Bahamas Tourism

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