Seawords Bahamas (ALIV)

SeaWords Bahamas ALIV is a literary festival organised by a group of talented Bahamian writers. Aptly named, the festival links writing to the beauty of the marine life in The Islands of the Bahamas by engaging with a global pool of writers for mutually beneficial exchanges.

SeaWords Bahamas ALIV (SeaWords) will hold its inaugural three-day event 9 to 11 November, 2018 at the Convention Centre, Atlantis, Paradise Island. The literary festival will welcome Bahamians and international participants to technique-building workshops, and feature performances by a  talented group of Bahamian writers. Amongst its special guests is none other than Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom, Carol Ann Duffy, who is a world-renowned poet and author.

The SeaWords core agenda will comprise workshops on writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Also highlighted will be writing for the media, poetry and playwriting, film script development, the book’s journey from concept to publication and intellectual property law, which is essential to creative processes such as writing.


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