Why Choose Andros Island for Filming?

In the past, when filmmakers thought about taking their production to The Bahamas, they only thought of Nassau or Paradise Island. In more recent years, Grand Bahama with its pristine waters and open water trained dolphins has also emerged as a filming location, but perhaps the best kept secret until now, has been Andros Island. Consider this, Andros, the largest of the Bahama Islands, is a short 15 minutes flight from Nassau, but offers filmmakers, seclusion, hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches and some of the friendliest and hardest working people you will ever meet. Additionally, it has the largest concentration of blue holes in the world, the largest bonefish flats in the world, third largest barrier reef in the world, second largest variety of coral in the world and marine life, more than 200 species of birds, and just 1 ½ miles from shore, the ocean drops to an astounding 6,000 feet depth.

Eco lovers and nature hikers will love the large variety of salt and fresh water ponds, the fauna and birds and the variety of land reptiles and animals.


The word about Andros is slowly getting out. Andros is not just one Island, but many interconnect large and small islands and cays, many of them with an abundance of fresh water, so bring the bug spray!

The Bahamas has always been a film friendly destination. With easy access to the South Florida crew and equipment markets, and now an experienced local crew base, The Bahamas is making waves as a film destination.

The Bahamas weather is usually sunny and the winters are mild. Accommodations are numerous on the more developed Islands, but the less developed Islands, smaller hotel and lodges are the norm, so Producers should be aware that the crew may have to live at several locations.

With direct flights from Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, getting to The Bahamas is easy.  A processing fee of one percent ad valorem, subject to a minimum fee of ten dollars and a maximum fee of five hundred dollars, shall be paid in respect for the import of temporary goods for film, television and commercial productions.

Credit: The Bahamas News

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