Bahamian Recording Artist Release New Single

Julien Believe
Bahamian Recording Artist

Bahamian recording artist Julien Believe, has released a new single “Goin’ down on Bay”. His music is an eclectic mix of Junkanoo, folklore and pop, otherwise known as ‘Junkanoo Pop’. Regarded as the Bahamian Pied Piper and the King of Line Dance, Julien has collaborated with Angelique Sabrina for the release. The event was hosted at Mount Batten House, Graycliff Hotel on 26 October 2018, with a cultural display in the best of Bahamian cuisine and talent. It featured two upcoming Bahamian recording artists, as well as a display of Bahamian art by Celebrity Portrait Artist, Jamaal Rolle.

Junkanoo is best described as an explosion of Bahamian culture. Throughout the years, its rythmic beats have attracted tourists from every walk of life, who descend on our beautiful shores to soak up its infectious rhythms. Julien has taken Junkanoo music a step further and introduced a melodic pop flavour, which employs line dancing and group participation. These pairings have landed the artist global success in titles such as “The Caribbean Slide” & “Party Ambassadors”, featuring Ricardo Dru, Fadda Fox & Beenie Man.

The smooth vocals of this Junkanoo Pop sensation has stretched our cultural fabric and has taken it to the world. It is certainly difficult to keep still when a tune by Believe is in dial. Today even as a global artist, Julien remains true to his cultural roots.

“Goin Down On Bay, ” produced by Christopher Roberts, Ray Ewing, Julien Thompson and Gregg White is a success on local and international fronts.

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